The New TC52x-HC Powerhouse

January 2021

The TC52x-HC touch computer builds on the highly successful TC52-HC, providing your healthcare workers with powerful new features that improve patient outcomes by improving workflows and task accuracy.

The TC52x-HC has been designed specifically for nurses and other clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers. Constructed with medical grade plastics, the TC52x-HC can stand firm against the rigours of the healthcare environment and is built to withstand around-the-clock continuous cleaning and disinfecting.

Innovative Features of the TC52x-HC Mobile Computer

Best-in-class, disinfectant-ready design
The TC52x-HC features chemical resistant healthcare plastics that can withstand regular cleaning with over 30 disinfectants. The housing has been designed to minimise crevices where bacteria can hide.

The ultimate in value-add features—Zebra Mobility DNA
With Zebra's powerful Mobility DNA suite, healthcare workers get more value out of their mobile computers with added functionality as well as simplified deployment and management of their mobile devices, driving productivity and device control to a new level.

Easily find misplaced devices
An integrated Bluetooth beacon and support for Device Tracker allows
users to locate misplaced or missing devices quickly and easilyeven if the TC52x-HC is turned off or has a fully discharged battery.

An advanced scan engine for the fastest, easiest data capture
Get the new integrated SE4720 enterprise-class imager for lightning fast capture of 1D/2D barcodes and labels. The new imager, with white illumination LEDs and green aimer, makes scanning barcodes on uneven surfaces, tubes, medical bags, colour-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes easier.

Healthcare red alert/duress button for rapid response
The TC52x-HC features a healthcare alert button. In the event of an emergency, staff can call for help with a split-second press.

Full shift power healthcare workers can count on
The PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery delivers an impressive 14 hours of power. Swapping batteries is fast and easy with hot swap mode - no need to turn off the device or close active apps.

Suitable for applications such as:
Medication Administration, Prescription Tracking, Blood Transfusion Administration and Electronic Patient Record Access.

For more information call us on 01975 564111 or email

For more information, call 01975 564111
or email

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