Barcode Solutions That Help To Reduce Risk & Improve Patient Safety

Smarter, more efficient and better connected.

With patient care and safety of the highest priority, the latest generation of connected devices enable an unpresidented level of traceability and accuracy. 

With patient health and real-time location tracking, devices are now able to offer more visibility, allowing caregivers to make crucial decisions with more confidence at the bedside.

Partnered with Zebra Technologies, Sciamed deliver solutions that can simplify workflows, improve communication and increase operational effectiveness.

Increasing efficiency, decreasing human error

By providing a wide range of scanning, inventory and technical equipment, Sciamed save you time and money by helping your systems run more effectively. 

Our technology lowers the possibility for human error and increases efficiency of asset tracking and management.

Trusted solutions

Having worked closely with Zebra for many years we have built a reputation as a trusted Solutions and Supplies partner ensuring that we can deliver reliable service and effective solutions.

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We Provide

sciamed label printer icon

Label Printers

Sciamed can provide a range of mobile, desktop, wristband and high-performance label printers.

sciamed mobile computing

Mobile Computing

Handheld devices from Sciamed offer you the freedom of mobility, durability and flexibility.

sciamed barcode scanner

Barcode Scanners

Scanners, printers and systems to increase the efficiency and accuracy of vital systems.

sciamed software solutions

Software Solutions

Sciamed offer bespoke & off the shelf solutions to meet your business requirements.

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Labels & Ribbons

Sciamed supply a wide range of label and ribbons with most orders available the next day.

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Laptop Trolleys

Sciamed offer the RDP range of trolleys to enhance mobile computing in the workplace

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Healthcare Solutions

View Sciamed's range of data capture and auto-identification healthcare solutions.

sciamed non-healthcare inventory

Industry Solutions

Non-Healthcare solutions include stock control, hose management and inventory.


Onsite Services

Services include, maintenance, installation, repairs, training and consultancy.

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