Newland ID HR32 Marlin HC Series

February 2023

Newland ID HR32 Marlin HC Series

With Newland ID, barcode scanning is made simple and makes everyday tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive. The HR32 Marlin healthcare scanner is a barcode scanning powerhouse that incorporates the latest technologies and innovative design including healthcare plastics. The megapixel camera scans 1D and 2D barcodes with impressive speed and ease, including very small and high-density barcodes that can be found in healthcare.

Corded Model Key Features

Megapixel camera
The HR32 Marlin Corded HC is a barcode scanning powerhouse. No matter what type of barcode is presented, the megapixel camera allows users to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, including very small and high resolution codes, with impressive speed and ease.

Durable Construction
Users in healthcare setting will enjoy the strong exterior and drop resistance up to 1.5m. With an IP42 rating, the device is protected against water and dust.

Superior ergonomics
The HR32 Marlin Corded HC is the ideal solution for scan-intensive use in retail and healthcare. The scanner fits comfortably in any user’s hand, reducing the fatigue of long-time operation.

All-round scanning capability
Whether you need a barcode scanner that can be used on paper or displayed on screen, you’ll be set with the HR32 Marlin Corded HC. The device delivers unmatched scanning performance for both conventional and emerging applications.

Offered with a coiled cable.

Foldable smart stand available.
It is possible to order a foldable smart stand as an accessory or as a set with the scanner.

Bluetooth model key features

Fantastic Megapixel scan technology.
Equipped with a megapixel barcode scanner, the HR32 Marlin Bluetooth reads virtually all 1D or 2D barcode with better reading performance on long or truncated 1D codes, larger and high-density 2D codes. Complicated stacked 2D barcodes codes for emerging applications in track and trace are no issue for the HR32 Bluetooth.

Reliable Wireless Connection.
Adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the HR32 Marlin Bluetooth is able to maintain a strong, anti-interference connection to transmit data. Achieving communication distances of up to 50m, the Marlin is as at home in a tight localized workspace where wires are unwanted clutter, as it is to bridging wider gaps from a host to a scanner.

Seven scanners to one base station.
The Bluetooth 5.0 technology selected for the HR32 Marlin Bluetooth allows up to 7 scanners to be paired to a single base station, allowing coordinated scanning applications to transmit data a single host. This maximises available human resource without having to match up each scanner with a different PC, tablet or mobile computer.

Real time and batch.
The intelligence in the HR32 Marlin Bluetooth allows the user to move seamlessly from direct BT download to a host. When out of range, it can store captured codes and download them when back in range. With its large memory capacity, enabling storage of up to 15,000 standard EAN barcodes, the Marlin can set up to work as a pure data collector.

Configurable Illumination
The HR32 Marlin Bluetooth uses a combination of red and white light that can be used in tandem or independently of one another via the comprehensive user manual or via the software configuration tools.

Powerful Data Editing.
The HR32 Marlin Bluetooth is compatible with Newland's EasySet configuration software, allowing users to create the ideal configurations to match the Marlin's incredible scanning performance with their application requirements. It has complex data formatting options to match the ever increasing complexities demanded from 2D barcodes in practical applications.

For more information please call 01975 564111 or email

For more information, call 01975 564111
or email

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