New HC20-HC50 Mobile Computers

January 2024

New HC20-HC50 Mobile Computers

Introducing Zebra’s newest family of rugged healthcare mobile computers, the HC20 and HC50, purpose-built to deliver all the features healthcare workers need to improve efficiency, accuracy, quality of patient care and patient outcomes. With key features such as healthcare-grade plastics, a removable battery and a dedicated emergency alert button, this series offers the perfect balance of ergonomics, features and cost.

With a sleek design that maximises weight distribution, these mobile computers are Zebra's lightest and thinnest healthcare mobile computers. The curved surfaces and sculpted bumpers make holding it almost effortless. If you are worried about chemicals effecting your device, there's no need, these computers are made from medical grade plastic that support a wide selection of disinfectants used in the healthcare industry. A 6-inch FHD+ edge-to-edge display improves efficiency by making it simpler to view charts, diagnostic images, medical records, and more. Whether you need to discreetly call for help or have easy access to help in an emergency, this mobile computer is a great tool to have around.


🔺Medical Grade Plastics – Minimal crevices and disinfectant-ready plastics make cleaning a breeze and hold up to harsh cleaning agents over time.

🔺Thin and Light Build – Contoured surfaces and an ergonomic design.

🔺Bright and Responsive Screen – 6-inch high-resolution screen for easy viewing in almost all lighting conditions with a responsive touchscreen that works with medical gloves.

🔺Replaceable Batteries – Hot-swappable batteries with PowerPrecision technology for real-time metrics on battery health.

🔺Healthcare red alert/duress button for rapid response

🔺Emergency Alert Button – Call for help with one press of the dedicated emergency alert button.

Primary Users:

🔺 Nurses

🔺 Physicians

🔺 Clinical support staff

🔺 Lab/Pharmacist technicians

If you would like more information, please call 01975 564111 or email

For more information, call 01975 564111
or email

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