ET40-HC/ET45-HC Healthcare Tablets

August 2022

Built to meet the demands of healthcare and your budget

The ET40-HC and ET45-HC tablets, offer all the enterprise healthcare features you need, all at the right price. A rugged design built to last for years and handle constant disinfecting. An emergency alert button, built-in first-time every time scanning, advanced processing power and wireless connections including 5G (ET45) and Wi-Fi 6. And more. These versatile tablets are suitable for caregivers, acute settings, at bedside in patient rooms and in reception areas as check-in desks.

Disinfect after every use

The advanced medical grade plastics in the housing enable frequent cleaning with some of the harshest disinfectants to help prevent the spread of germs between caregivers and patients.

Rugged and built to last for years

Get the reliable operation that the mission critical world of healthcare demands. Drop it on the floor. Use it inside and outside, in extreme heat or subzero temperatures, out in the rain or snow it still works.

Dedicated emergency alert button

The fully programmable red alert button can be configured to call a specific first responder, such as security or a nurse, or launch an app to follow protocols in the event of a medical emergency.

A large high-resolution screen to see and do it all

Easily view all the details in patient health records with less scrolling and edit medical reports on the large 10.1 inch bright display. And the high resolution screen makes it easy to read text and see the finest details of a photo.

The fastest wireless connections for unmatched performance

These tablets are the only ones in their class to offer the fastest Wi-Fi and cellular speeds. The ET40-HC with Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for caregivers who work inside your facility, while the ET45-HC with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 keeps in-home caregivers out in the field connected. The only device in its class to offer Bluetooth 5.1, these tablets enable pinpoint locationing within an inch, ideal for staff location in the event of emergency. In addition, connections are faster, easier, interference-free and lower-power, enabling the creation of a robust ‘all-wireless’ solution that can include cordless headsets, printers and more.

Dependable power — every minute of every shift

The extra-high-capacity PowerPrecision battery keeps tablets up and running — and provides the intelligence to easily spot and discard unhealthy batteries that no longer hold a full charge.

For more information, call 01975 564111 or email

For more information, call 01975 564111
or email

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