Taking Security Seriously

Healthcare is the second most targeted industry therefore security is paramount for protecting your patients and their privacy.  Printers can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks as they’re capable of transmitting sensitive data across a network that, if not secure, could be accessible by unauthorised parties. That is why it is so critical to assign security controls to printers.  Zebra development and management tools allow you to set up these secure network connections.

Zebra proactively guards against security vulnerabilities by integrating multiple layers of protection. Zebra devices, solutions and services are designed with security in mind, without hindering productivity. You’ll find Zebra security is easy to deploy and seamless to your frontline clinicians. With Zebra’s smart, configurable technology, you can balance operational objectives with security, in real-time, in the real world. Count on Zebra to provide peace of mind that helps you implement your technology strategies at the edge and provide the best care for your patients.

Call today on 01975 564111 to discuss how Zebra tools can benefit your workplace.  Take advantage of Zebra’s current Trade Up Scheme which allows customers to trade in any printers and upgrade to the latest printer technologies at a heavily discounted price.

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