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Zebra MotionWorks Asset

Imagine the advantages of knowing where your assets and inventory are located within your business at all times. No more searching for equipment or looking for stock/supplies you ‘think’ are located in location x, y or z. It’s time to stop searching and start tracking. By introducing Zebra Motionworks Asset to your business, you can gain a competitive edge, make smarter, faster decisions all whilst improving your bottom line. Zebra MotionWorks sense the location of assets and inventory automatically, helping to improve the safety of workers and streamline production time.

Zebra MotionWorks not only tracks all the important resources within your workplace it also provides you with actionable insights delivered from measurable, real-time data. By pinpointing asset location, status and motion, you can increase control, minimise downtime and maximise performance.

Let’s look at the benefits of MotionWorks in Healthcare

Every day, nurses and care givers need access to high-value and high-usage medical equipment to support their clinical tasks. The ability for them to have quick access to the right medical equipment – IV pumps, ventilators, oxygen cylinders – is vital to ensure that the right procedure is carried out and that the utmost quality of patient care is delivered.

With healthcare staff constantly on the move and the vital need to react to dynamic shifts, medical equipment is often borrowed from one department to another, and quite often not returned to its original storage area. Missing and misplaced equipment can have considerable impacts on patient outcomes, in delaying procedures and treatments, leading to bed blockages and delays in patient discharge.

The process of monitoring, tracking and locating high-value and high-usage medical equipment can be a challenging task for healthcare providers to manage. From getting lost, misplaced or even stolen amid day-to-day use, missing equipment is an issue that plagues all healthcare facilities in some form or fashion. With the Zebra MotionWorks Healthcare Medical Equipment Tracking solution, healthcare staff receive real-time visibility on the location and status of critical medical assets. It helps to considerably reduce time wasted searching for misplaced equipment when nurses should focus their attention on patient care

From a financial aspect, MotionWorks Healthcare Medical Equipment Tracking can simplify inventory management processes to help eliminate unnecessary costs from re-stocking misplaced or lost equipment, and reduce waste. This business intelligence tool powered by Zebra’s real-time location technology tracks equipment throughout all areas of the facility and sends alerts when a device leaves its designated zone

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All New TC21-HC /TC26-HC

The Ultimate Cost-Effective Mobile Computer Built And Designed For Healthcare.

With the affordable WiFi-only TC21-HC and WiFi/cellular TC26-HC mobile computers, you can give your clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers the tools they need to deliver the highest quality patient care by improving efficiency and task accuracy for nurses, home healthcare caregivers and the many crucial workers in environmental services. As part of Zebra’s ultimate series, these small, easy-to-carry devices are big on features. The latest in advanced mobile technologies provides future proofing and the power to run all the applications you use today and tomorrow.

The durable design and removable batteries deliver dependable around-the-clock operation that is crucial in healthcare. The housing is specially built for constant disinfecting to prevent the spread of germs. Zebra’s leading voice solutions turn these devices into a two-way radio and a mobile PBX handset.

Clinical Healthcare Applications

  • Barcode scanning (wristbands, medicine, blood draw)
  • Medication administration
  • Specimen management
  • Environmental health
  • Patient transport
  • Food services
  • Facilities management
  • Materials management
  • Engineering and security

Primary Users

  • Clinicians/nurses
  • In-home caregivers
  • Nursing aids, orderlies and attendants
  • Therapists and technicians
  • Laboratory technicians and technologists
  • Porters
  • Cleaners
  • Staff
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Security
  • Facilities

For more information on the TC21-HC / TC26-HC give us a call on 01975 564111 or email – sales@sciamed.co.uk

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Zebra Certified RFID Supplies

As an approved Zebra Advanced Supplies Specialist, we offer Zebra Certified Supplies. These high-quality RFID supplies are the perfect match for your RFID Printers to ensure that they achieve maximum peak performance. Using inlays from leading manufacturers, Zebra offers 40+ RFID Labels in stock & customs solutions in a variety of sizes & materials for a wide range of applications. Designed & tested with Zebra Printers & RFID readers, our certified supplies ensure high performance every time.

We offer 3 main types of labels.

General Purpose
● Paper & Synthetic
● Designed for use with standard RFID Readers
● Best for non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate
● Ideal for applications such as Specimens, Laboratory,
Pharmacy Labels & Patient ID wristbands

● Paper & synthetic labels that offer a higher level of legibility than our general-purpose labels
● Ideal for applications such as Specimens, Laboratory & Pharmacy Labels

● Designed for asset tagging on metal surfaces or for liquid-filled containers
● Ideal for applications such as IT Assets, Laboratory Equipment, Testing Equipment & Clinical Equipment.

For more information or to order your RFID supplies please call 01975 564111 or email us sales@sciamed.co.uk

ZQ511 & ZQ521 RFID

The New & Improved ZQ500 RFID SERIES

The rugged ZQ500 Series just got tougher. Zebra’s ZQ511 and ZQ521 mobile printers (available in RFID or standard models ) are the most durable mobile printers on the market. Pairing additional, best-in-class features with enhanced durability and military-grade design mean these printers can handle serious abuse that other mobile printers can’t.

They’re engineered and certified to withstand significant drops, tumbles, liquids, environmental extremes, and more that are common in mobile workplaces.

Print and encode RFID labels and tags on-the-go with the only mobile RFID printers on the market.  Automatically calibrate RFID media with Zebra’s adaptive encoding technology and supplies.

Connect everywhere with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and its latest security protocols, plus Bluetooth 4.1 Classic and Low Energy.  Use Zebra’s exclusive Print DNA tools to easily configure, manage, and maintain ZQ511 and ZQ521 printers anywhere around the globe. Standard two-year warranty, best-in-class accessories, services, and support.

For more information and pricing call 01975 564111 or email sales@scaimed.co.uk