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Zebra Certified RFID Supplies

As an approved Zebra Advanced Supplies Specialist, we offer Zebra Certified Supplies. These high-quality RFID supplies are the perfect match for your RFID Printers to ensure that they achieve maximum peak performance. Using inlays from leading manufacturers, Zebra offers 40+ RFID Labels in stock & customs solutions in a variety of sizes & materials for a wide range of applications. Designed & tested with Zebra Printers & RFID readers, our certified supplies ensure high performance every time.

We offer 3 main types of labels.

General Purpose
● Paper & Synthetic
● Designed for use with standard RFID Readers
● Best for non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate
● Ideal for applications such as Specimens, Laboratory,
Pharmacy Labels & Patient ID wristbands

● Paper & synthetic labels that offer a higher level of legibility than our general-purpose labels
● Ideal for applications such as Specimens, Laboratory & Pharmacy Labels

● Designed for asset tagging on metal surfaces or for liquid-filled containers
● Ideal for applications such as IT Assets, Laboratory Equipment, Testing Equipment & Clinical Equipment.

For more information or to order your RFID supplies please call 01975 564111 or email us sales@sciamed.co.uk