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Sciamed can provide you with the latest technology to improve the reliability and efficiency of your organisation. With 20 years expertise in helping non-healthcare related industries with scanning, printing and tracking of assets, we can help you get the best system in place to solve your operational challenges using GS1 standards.
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The latest tech

Our more ergonomically designed, lightweight technology range boast longer battery life whilst combining more user-friendly operating systems. All resuting in increased workforce efficiency.

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Offering a range
of industry solutions:

sciamed hose management

Hose Management

High pressure flexible hydraulic hoses are used across a number of industries and are subject to rigorous testing at time of manufacture and regular inspection during their lifetime. Sciamed have a number of wrap-around label solutions for the identification of flexible hoses and use the BarTender Label Suite to integrate with a number of systems to extract information to create the unique ID hose label.

sciamed asset management

Asset Management

An essential requirement for most companies, Sciamed have a number of solutions for asset management and identification. Most industrial applications for asset management will require comprehensive information to be stored regarding usage and routine maintenance in order to ensure asset integrity
bartender suite onscreen

The Bartender ”Label Suite”

A comprehensive labelling software package for designing regulatory and compliance labels, The Bartender "Label Suite" offers an easy solution for complex integrations with other software packages (such as Excel, Access, SQL, Oracle and SAP) to extract data for printing labels for product identification, shipping, asset ID and host of other applications. BarTender can be configured to be an essential Quality Management tool, recording audit data for each label printed - especially useful in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries where regular audits demand this level of information.
sciamed laser marking industry

Laser Marking

Laser Marking can be used to identify a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastic and glass as part of the manufacturing or refurbishment process. Laser marking systems are usually housed in a work station for safety and these can be fabricated to each customer’s requirement to accommodate the parts to be marked. Contact Sciamed to discuss your requirement or request an on-site demonstration of how laser marking can benefit your business. We also provide laser welding, laser cleaning and laser cladding systems.
sciamed barcode verifier

Bar code verification

If you are printing bar codes for your product it is likely that these printed codes will need to meet minimum industry standards as defined by your customer or industry practise. Sciamed have access to a wide variety of bar code verification equipment so that you can check the quality of your bar codes (both 1D and 2D) offline or as online as part of your manufacturing process.
sciamed printer management

Printer Management

if you need to support a varied estate of Zebra printers across multiple sites then Printer Profile Manager Enterprise allows you to monitor printer usage, battery life (for mobile printers), printer status as well as deploying firmware upgrades and standard build configurations.

what our customers say...

An Essential Asset

The use of the Sciamed Laser Etching equipment integrated seamlessly with our Tracking and Traceability system and has been an essential asset in ensuring the prevention of high risk instrument migration. Alan Simpson | Quality & Technical Manager NHS Tayside