increase accuracy while decreasing costs

More reliable systems to help improve workforce efficiency.

Mobile computing and barcoding have been proven to save time in finding equipment, tracking medication and locating the best-qualified staff at key moments with ease; saving time and increasing staff effectiveness.

Sciamed provides reliable, optimised healthcare solutions that include fail-safe measures. Used to their fullest, our systems reduce the risk of errors, save time by automating key tasks while reducing operational costs.


Offering a range
of healthcare solutions:

sciamed inventory management

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a vital part in the drive to control costs and improve patient safety. Our systems can capture information held in GS1 bar codes such as product ID (GTIN), expiry dates, batch numbers and Unique Device Identification (UDI) data so that hospitals can reduce waste, reduce the value of inventory held, track the use of medical devices such as implants and quarantine products that have not been validated for use.

sciamed laser marking healthcare

Laser Marking

Laser Marking is a technology that is being used to identify surgical instruments with GS1 Standard, 2D Datamatrix bar codes so that items can be tracked throughout the cleaning, packing and disinfection process in the Hospital Decontamination Unit. Laser marking systems require no on-going consumables and the marking process does not affect the passive protective layer of the metal. Laser marking can be used on stainless steel, titanium and plastic.

sciamed pre-printed labels

Pre-Printed Labels

Pre-printed labels play a vital part in the automated processing of patient samples and hospital laboratories require bar codes that are printed to the highest standards. Sciamed Ltd have a proven track record in supplying high quality printed bar code sets for daily use in these critical systems.

sciamed patient ID tracking

Patient ID Tracking

Positive Patient ID is at the heart of modern patient care and is the enabler for all e-health patient tracking and recording systems. If you need to record a patient’s vital signs, the drugs given or generate blood sample labels at bedside – it all starts with a printed patient wristband. Zebra wristbands are available in a variety of materials (on rolls or cartridges) and sizes suitable for adult patients, children and premature babies.

sciamed patient maternal milk checking

Maternal Milk Checking

Maternal Milk Checking is a mobile system for ensuring that babies in a maternity or neo-natal unit are fed the correct milk expressed by the mother and utilises the best in class hand held devices from Zebra (with bar code scanning and anti-microbial plastics for easy cleaning and infection control). Milk is identified using 2D Datamatrix bar codes and cross checked with the baby identifiers using the hand-held device prior to feeding by nursing staff. The system allows recording of feed volumes and copes with feeds given to siblings. The Maternal Milk Checking System is a vital tool in the safe feeding practices of infants.

sciamed reliable systems user friendly

Blood Labelling

The safe labelling of blood relies on having compliant label material used in conjunction with high performance, high quality label printers from Zebra. Keep your printers at peak performance with a Zebra OneCare on-site maintenance contract and monitor their performance using Printer Profile Manager Enterprise. Talk to Sciamed about our extensive experience in supporting national blood organisations in the UK.
sciamed printer management

Printer Management

if you need to support a varied estate of Zebra printers across multiple sites then Printer Profile Manager Enterprise allows you to monitor printer usage, battery life (for mobile printers), printer status as well as deploying firmware upgrades and standard build configurations.
sciamed gryphon bts scanner family

Gryphon BTS Scanner

Gryphon BTS scanner has been developed with Datalogic to provide best in class performance when reading and decoding 1D and 2D ICCBBA ISBT128 bar codes used in blood and tissue management systems. The scanner has an anti-microbial coating for infection control and is ready to decode and concatenate 1D and 2D codes that are to be found on the new full-face blood bag label that will be in use in the UK shortly. The Gryphon BTS scanner is only available from Sciamed Ltd.

what our customers say...

An Essential Asset

The use of the Sciamed Laser Etching equipment integrated seamlessly with our Tracking and Traceability system and has been an essential asset in ensuring the prevention of high risk instrument migration. Alan Simpson | Quality & Technical Manager NHS Tayside