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Sciamed offer the WASP products ‘Asset Tracking’ & ‘Inventory Control’. These products are ideal off the shelf solutions for customers who are looking for non-bespoke systems that are available quickly and offer the key components required for tracking and control of assets & inventory.

Asset Management Systems - Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Wasp MobileAsset asset management systems make it simple to track your organization’s valuable assets from software and fixed assets, to IT equipment, & tools.  Instantly locate any asset, conduct audits, eliminate wasted time spent searching for items and unnecessary expenses to replace lost assets.


Inventory Software & Inventory Systems


Wasp Inventory Control – the complete inventory tracking system for small businesses. Dramatically increase profitability with an automated, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Inventory Control Software real-time (RF) provides the ability to accurately track inventory, without the expense of a system typically reserved for large businesses.


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