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Blood Tracking

Sciamed have worked closely with several Blood Transfusion Services over the last 20 years. During this time we have gained a unique insight in to the critical nature of their work and the part labelling and scanning technology plays in quality systems and patient safety.

In conjunction with Datalogic, Sciamed have developed a version of firmware for bar code scanners that enables user-specific rules for the decoding of ISBT-128 blood industry bar codes. Not only does this improve the real-world performance of these codes on blood packs but also contributes to patient safety by actually checking key data at concatenation prior to transmission to the PC.


The Blood Safety and Quality Regulations of 2005 require complete traceability of cross-matched units of blood components from the laboratory to the patient, including verification that the unit was either transfused, discarded or returned to the laboratory. Sciamed have co-developed a synthetic tag with Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service to meet the requirements of these regulations. The tag is now in operation throughout Scotland and plays a major part in promoting the safe use of blood components.

Sciamed, 20 years’ experience in supplying the complete solution for barcode printing, scanning and mobile computing to the NHS